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Amazing and it works!!

Sarah’s training method of respect, attention and consistency is amazing and it works!! We have completed 3 puppy classes and plan to continue with some of the other types of training. And, it’s so much fun! Abby Roo has also been a day care guest and has been boarded, with the complete reassurance that she is happy, healthy and well cared for. The Canine Connection staff is the best- professional as well as true animal lovers. It’s no wonder that Sarah’s canine following is so large and always growing.

Sue Bilodeau
(Abby Roo's guardian)

Level of expertise unmatched

I have had the opportunity to take three dogs through several of the classes offered at Canine Connection. Sarah Richardson and staff genuinely and deeply care for every dog and dog parent they serve. Their compassion and support are unsurpassed and level of expertise unmatched. They have assisted me with everything from basic and intermediate obedience, to behavior modification for aggression issues we once faced. One of the best things about attending class at Canine Connection, is I am a better handler and dog owner as a result. They really encourage and train team building with your dog, while respecting individuality. My dogs are happy and confident, and our human/canine relationship is solid thanks to our experience with Canine Connection.

Tricia Grunerud
(Riley and Montana's guardian)

We appreciate it and can’t wait to continue to watch her succeed!

Ellie and I were invited to a BBQ after puppy social yesterday, and she did so well!! She was calm with all, got to hang out with her litter mate, and was well behaved the whole time! Here’s a picture of Ellie with her litter mate Bojack, who was there. He was the biggest in the litter, and she the smallest! I just wanted to say thank you again for all you have taught her and I, we appreciate it and can’t wait to continue to watch her succeed!


Andrea Jones
(Ellie's guardian)

I recommend Canine Connection to all of my friends

This is my 7 1/2 year old pup, Dexter. He went to puppy socials, teen socials, puppy kindergarten (twice), intermediate classes, agility and a few more. He is the friendliest dog! He loves everyone! He is great with small children even. I attribute this to the socialization he received through Canine Connection. He is great off leash and on leash. Of course we practiced a lot! Unfortunately, he isn’t perfect. He’s a counter surfer, nothing is safe! But that’s really his only negative. I recommend Canine Connection to all of my friends looking for doggie training.

Andee Farrar
(Dexter's guardian)

Wow! What can I say?

I am so happy I found you on the web. I was impressed by what I saw there and decided to take the chance that my instincts were correct. I (and Rascal) learned so much in just 8 short weeks. Our bond is stronger, our commitment is renewed and will last a lifetime. We were given a solid foundation in positive reinforcement that will create the best possible learning environment as we grow together, I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to all the possibilities that positive communication with my dog (and future dogs) will bring. I have visions of being able to better understand what I need to do so that my dog(s) can understand me. Your class was well worth traveling 45 miles (each way), I only wish you were closer. Again, thank you!

David Grant
(Rascal’s guardian)

Lessons were clear and practical

So many people compliment me on how well behaved my dogs are and I am certain that it’s due to training at The Canine Connection. Learning from Sarah and Donna was invaluable and despite all the things to learn it was easy! Lessons were clear and practical; with each new command there was a progression and the dogs and I learned so easily! The three of us are looking forward to our next class.

“We love going to school and seeing all our new friends!” – Siggy & Lupe


Jennifer Morgan
Siggy & Lupe’s guardian)

Has a way with dogs that is phenomenal


Sarah Richardson has a way with dogs that is phenomenal. Her Canine Connection obedience classes are an A to Z of training to help owner and dog have the greatest relationship. Sarah’s insight into training and tips for problem areas are very helpful in creating the best dog/owner relationship. My terriers are more responsive because of your class. Thanks so much, Sarah.

Doug Richardson
(Mattie McIan’s guardian)
(Note: Despite sharing the same surname, Doug and Sarah are not related 🙂 )

Teaches you the basics


Not only does this class teach you the basics of puppy obedience, it is a social place that your puppy looks forward to going to every week. Thank you, Sarah.

David Palmer and Jessica Brown
(Riley’s guardians)

We loved your class!!


Shanee and I had a great time. We both learned a lot and Shanee overcame some of her fears. She had a hard time just walking in the door on the first day. By the end she was very confident. Thanks, Sarah and Donna. Shanee says ‘hi

Thorina Johnson
(Shanee’s guardian)

Professional Training Facility

Chicoans are so lucky to have a true, professional training facility for our beloved dogs and ourselves. The expertise of the trainers and staff is evident the moment you walk through the door.

(Marvin’s guardian)

Good sense of humor


Sarah is great – very knowledgeable and patient and has a good sense of humor when working with dogs and owners.

Kelli Lewis
(Bentley’s guardian)

Thank you, Sarah.


You are the first trainer that thought a Corgi was easily trainable! And it’s true!

Kate McCracken
(Izzie’s guardian)

A must for all


A must for every dog owner!

Lori Miller and Michael Kenney
(Millie’s guardians)

Easy and fun training


This is the most effective, easy and fun training that I’ve experienced in 40 years of working with dogs.

Carol Click
(Beau’s guardian)

Training and caring for our four-footed companions

Brillo and I feel so blessed to be part of the loving family of Canine Connection folks who dedicate themselves to training and caring for our four-footed companions and their people.

Sally Sanderson
Brillo the Poodle’s guardian.

We want to thank you guys for all of your hard work and knowledge.

You’ve helped us and Slim get off to a great start. We couldn’t be happier with Slim and his behaviors and we plan to continue using the skills learned at the Canine Connection. The environment that you guys create is so welcoming and the care/attention you guys give to your students is amazing. Thank you again for a wonderful experience!

Veronica and Mark
Slim the Plott Hound Mix’s guardians