Do you have a well-behaved dog or other domestic animal that connects with people through its soothing spirit and cheerful demeanor? Would you enjoy the service of lifting up others who may be missing the presence of a beloved pet? If so, you and your pet may be candidates for our Canine Connection Therapy Pet Squad (which currently includes many types of dogs and even a couple of cats!).

Our Therapy Dog Squad is comprised of people and their pets who have successfully completed all requirements to become Pet Partner volunteers. Pet Partners is a inational organization that adheres to the highest standards when it comes to therapy pet evaluation and registration.

As a licensed evaluator for Pet Partners since 2005, and a Pet Partner since 1998, Dr. Sarah holds frequent evaluations for potential Pet Partner teams (a team is the person and animal that are evaluated together). She also offers a therapy dog prep class to help those intending to take the Pet Partner evaluation understand and prepare for the evaluation.

Members of The Canine Connection Therapy Pet Squad visit the Chico State campus and area assisted living facilities, schools, and other venues where people will benefit from the soothing, happy, healing power of pets.

For further information about becoming a Pet Partner, please visit their website HERE. Please note that there are numerous steps involved in becoming a Pet Partner, with the team evaluation being the culminating step.

For further information about our Therapy Dog Prep Class, click HERE. Please note that this class is NOT required prior to taking the evaluation. It is offered simply to help those wanting some assistance with preparation and opportunity to become more familiar with and practice the elements of the test. All dogs enrolled in the class must have already learned basic manners and behaviors prior to taking the class. If assistance is needed with building this foundation, we recommend Adult 1 and 2.