My work in the animal emergency shelters during the Camp Fire crisis and recovery made one thing abundantly clear: MICROCHIPS ARE THE KEY TO REUNITING SEPARATED PEOPLE AND PETS! Sadly, it was the exception rather than the rule to find an unclaimed Camp Fire animal with a microchip, and most of the animals that had been microchipped had not had the contact information for their humans updated. So sad! so frustrating! So when the emergency animal shelters closed, my mission became to get every companion dog and cat in Butte County microchipped!! 

Friends of the Chico Animal Shelter (FOCAS) jumped on board with the idea to hold no-cost (FREE!) micro-chip clinics. As our partner, they applied for a grant from North Valley Community Foundation to purchase 1,000 microchips. In May 2019, the first of our Microchip Clinics was  held at The Canine Connection. What a success! Over 40 volunteers came out to help with the logistics of managing pets, people, parking, paperwork, and the microchipping procedure. And by the end of the day, 344 dogs and cats had been chipped AND our data enterers had input the contact information for their owners since the only good chip is a registered chip!

Stay tuned…planning for our next No-Cost Microchip Clinic is in the works. And check out the media coverage about this awesome event HERE and HERE!