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We occasionally hire outstanding individuals to work with our amazing clients and their dogs. Our standards for professionalism are high, the work is challenging, and the rewards are great. If you are interested in joining the team of dog care professionals at the Canine Connection, check out these jobs where we are currently hiring.

Dog Care Attendant – Currently hiring – 20-30 hours a week

Ideal Candidate:
If you love dogs, enjoy working and playing hard, don’t mind getting a little dirty or furry, this job could be for you. Being a Dog Care Attendant can be challenging, fun, and most of all rewarding.

Description of Position and Responsibilities:
Working under the direction of the Manager, the individual would be responsible for supervision and care of multiple dogs in key areas; overseeing play, breaks, feeding, bathing, maintaining a clean facility, and interacting with clients.

The position requires someone with a positive attitude, who is reliable, punctual, and detail-oriented with a great work ethic and good communication skills. This is a fun job with hard physical labor as about half the duties involve heavy cleaning (it goes with hosting many dogs). The more important half of the duties is all about the dogs as we place great emphasis on social development of our dogs and making sure they have a fun and enriching time at Sarah Richardson’s Canine Connection.

Must love dogs. Some knowledge of dog behavior is helpful, but a passion for animals and animal welfare is a requirement. Ability to work with a variety of sizes, personalities, and ages of dogs. Job requires heavy cleaning and being on your feet for 5 – 6 hours. Must be 18 years old with some prior work history. Must have a valid California Driver License.

Benefits: Flexible schedule, fun working environment.

Wage: Starting wage is $12.00 per hour with increases based on performance.

Click HERE for Dog Care Attendant complete job description

To Apply:

By email only: Submit (1) a resume, (2) cover letter describing your interest in the position, (3) accurate information about your availability (days of week and times of day), and (4) names and contact information of three references: by email to: office@thecanineconnection.com (on subject line, please put DOG DAYCARE ATTENDANT POSITION and include documents as pdf or MS word attachments).

Dog Care Attendant Job Description

Works under the direction of the Manager to ensure dogs are properly cared for and supervised. Responsible for monitoring the dogs’ overall activities and ensuring dogs play well together to prevent injuries or altercations. Responsible for ensuring standards of cleanliness and organization are maintained in the play and boarding areas, and other areas of the facility. Ensures that directions for feeding and medications are followed precisely. Coordinate with other dog care attendants, other employees, clients and the manager through effective and efficient communications. This job is mentally and physically active as activities include standing bending, and moving around and the ability to lift 60 pounds. About half the duties involve cleaning and maintaining a sparkling clean environment.

Examples of Duties:

  • meeting with clients who are dropping off or picking up their dogs;
  • documenting client instructions, medications applications, and dropped off items;
  • supervising dogs while playing or resting;
  • maintaining a sanitary environment throughout the centers;
  • performing routine housekeeping tasks such as laundry, dishwashing, sweeping, mopping;
  • ensuring that all equipment, including toys, is clean and well-maintained.
  • cleaning all aspects and areas of the facility;
  • feeding dogs by ensuring both food and medication are administered at prescribed times and in prescribed ways;
  • maintaining watering dog bowls throughout day and prior to end of shift;
  • maintaining daily information on dog behavior, activities and well-being;
  • bathing dogs;
  • communicating dog status at end of shift;
  • photographing dogs when assigned;
  • other duties as assigned


  • enjoy working with dogs;
  • positive attitude, reliable, punctual, and detail-oriented with a great work ethic;
  • good written/verbal communication;
  • basic computer competence for internet and e-mail;
  • reliable transportation

Ability to:

  • provide the dogs with a good experience, with an emphasis on their social well-being.
  • ensure that all dogs have a fun and enriching time at the Canine Connection;
  • work with dogs of a variety of sizes, personalities, and play styles;
  • monitor dogs and take care of dogs in large play groups;
  • read and respond proactively to dog body language;
  • anticipate if problems between dogs may occur and prevent them from happening in a safe and positive manner;
  • track detail regarding individual dogs;
  • remain calm and effective in stressful situations;
  • clean all aspects of facility;
  • understand daily processes and make appropriate recommendations for improvements;
  • know and be able to communicate effectively about all the services provided by the Canine Connection;
  • communicate items needing purchase, replacement or repair;
  • communicate challenges and questions that need attention to management as soon as possible;
  • maintain required attendance level and adherence to work schedule;
  • follow appropriate safety procedures;
  • be on your feet for duration of shift;
  • lift up to 60 lbs;
  • run/move/react quickly;
  • be detail oriented and organized;
  • provide excellent customer service;
  • take on a flexible schedule;
  • work independently as well as part of a team environment

Combination of education and experience to demonstrate the abilities and duties listed above. Must be 18 years of age and should have some experience in the care of animals.

Preferred Experience:

  • working knowledge of dog behavior;
  • prior experience working with dogs and/or dog care;
  • certification related to dog care and/or behavior and positive training;
  • previous housekeeping/cleaning experience;
  • record of excellent customer service experience.