Why Daycare For Your Dog?

Actually, we like to call it “playcare” since it is so much fun!! What happens during daycare? You drop your dog off with our skilled attendants and they stay and play! They enjoy healthy romps with other dogs, stimulating toys, wholesome treats, relaxing rest, and reinforcement of good manners. Day care is SO much fun for dogs, but we take your dog’s fun seriously! Dogs are arranged by size, play style, and energy levels to ensure your dog gets the most out of day care. And, our skilled and attentive staff, who are on-site all the time, supervise and manage the fun. At the end of the sessions, dogs go home happy, tired, relaxed, and better socialized.

Why DAYCARE at The Canine Connection?

  • Proven daycare program, developed and overseen by nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Dog Behavior Consultant, Sarah Richardson (PhD), for an optimum social experience. Read about Dr. Sarah’s qualifications here
  • National recognition in “Whole Dog Journal” as an example of “dog daycare done right!”
  • Top notch supervision and low attendant-to-dog ratio – we are ALWAYS on site – for daycare AND overnight boarding!
  • An amazing private dog park and resort

Resort Features

  • Inside rest and play areas are fully air-conditioned and heated
  • Enough room for even greyhounds to run!
  • Completely private setting
  • Multiple play yards
  • Play obstacles for frolic and fun
  • A dog’s field of dreams, come true!

Our center is are located at 10 Seville Court, Chico, CA 95928. Click here for directions. Because our first priority is tending to the dogs in our care, we are open for tours and temperament evaluations by appointment only.

Day Care Days / Hours

Drop-off: 7:00 AM onward (earlier drop-off may be arranged; additional fees apply)

Pick-up: by 6:00 PM (later pick-ups may be arranged; additional fees apply)

Days: Monday through Sunday. We're here for you every day of the week!

Please note: because it is critical that we manage our staff-to-dog supervision ratio, RESERVATIONS ARE ALWAYS REQUIRED.

Daycare Prices

  1. DAILY RATE : $42
  2. 10-VISIT DISCOUNT PASS: $378 - (Prepay for 10 visits, get 10% off - that's two free visits!; pass must be used within 6 months of purchase)
  3. 20-VISIT DISCOUNT PASS: $672 (Prepay for 20 visits, get 20% off - that's four free visits! pass much be used within 6 months of purchase)

Are you the parent of more than one dog? You may use your multi-pass discount for all dogs residing in your home.

Day Care Enrollment

Would you like your dog to join the fun? Follow these application steps to get the ball rolling!

  1. Please start by emailing us at office@thecanineconnection.com to request our Daycare and Boarding Application Form.
  2. Once we have received your completed Daycare and Boarding Application Form we will contact your veterinarian for your dog's vaccination records. We MUST receive documentation that your dog is current on rabies, DHPP, bordetella, and canine influenza before we schedule a temperament evaluation. You are invited to contact your veterinarian directly to expedite this process. Our FAX number is (530) 345-1912.
  3. Once we have received documentation of vaccinations, we will contact you to schedule a temperament evaluation for your dog. These evaluations last approximately 30 minutes and are designed give us a good, preliminary idea if your dog will enjoy and be socially successful in a daycare and social boarding environment. The temperament evaluation price is $15.00.
  4. If your dog is considered a good candidate for daycare and boarding, we will then schedule an observation session at daycare. During this session, your dog participates in our regular daycare program for four hours, with all eyes on your dog's behavior and well-being. After this day, we will make one of three recommendations: (1) we may approve your dog for our regular daycare and social boarding program which allows you to purchase our multi-day daycare passes, (2) we may ask that you schedule another observation day for your dog so that we may observe your dog again, or (3) we may conclude that our daycare and social boarding program is not ideal for your dog. The introduction day price is $42.00.

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