Consultations and private training are appropriate when:

  • You need help with behavior problems such as fear, anxiety, aggression, house soiling, or destruction.
  • Your schedule or situation prevents participation in our group classes.
  • You have specific training goals, such as service dog tasks, that go beyond our group class curriculum.
  • You have very small children who you would like to be involved in the training process.
  • You want to build a foundation with private training before coming into to a group class.
  • Your dog is too young (i.e. under 10 weeks) for group class.
  • You want assistance in selecting the ideal dog to be your new best friend.

All our private training begins with an initial consultation when we assess your dog's behavior, your needs and wants in terms of your relationship with your dog, and your training goals. Should ongoing private lessons be warranted following a consultation (as is very often the case), we'll work with you and your dog through private training or you may choose to enroll your dog in one of our group training classes of our Jumpstart Pro Training Program where we do the training for you.

Telephone Consultations

In some cases, a telephone consult with Dr. Sarah Richardson can help you understand your training and behavior options for your dog. Telephone consultations are suitable for people wanting to better understand their dog's behavior and learn about typical strategies for modifying it. Please note that it is usually not possible, in a telephone consultation, to provide detailed training outlines for your dog. The outcome of these consultations is more modest but highly valuable - you will better understand your dog's behavior and what is required to modify it so you can decide how to proceed with your dog's training and behavior plan.

Telephone Consultation: $95 (45 minutes)

Training/Behavior Consultations

A private consultation with Dr. Sarah Richardson allows her extensive experience with dog behavior to be applied to your specific situation. This consultation is critical when dealing with aggression, anxiety, and other problem behaviors. During a behavior consultation, a prognosis for improving your dog's behavior will be provided and first steps for a behavior modification program will be discussed. Behavior consultations are often followed with private lessons to help you better teach and live with your dog.

 Behavior Consultation: $175 (Approximately 90 minutes); may be held at our center or your home*

* Additional rates may apply for travel to Durham, Paradise, Magalia, Hamilton City, and other areas.

Private Lessons

With private lessons you and your dog have our undivided attention. We focus exclusively on your goals and training needs, teaching you and your dog how to effectively communicate and interact together. If you want a personal canine coach to help you become your dog's best teacher, parent, and friend, this option is for you. Private lessons are available to those who have completed the Initial Training/Behavior Consultation.

Initial Training/Behavior consultation: $175 (Approximately 90 minutes)*; sessions may be held at our center or your home*

Subsequent sessions:  $125 (approx 60 minutes); sessions may be held at our center or your home*

* Additional rates may apply for travel to Durham, Paradise, Magalia, Hamilton City, and other areas.

Jumpstart Pro Training

This program is for those too busy for training or those dealing with a difficult behavior that they'd just like to turn over to the pros. Our Jumpstart Pro Training program allows us to help get your dog's training program going for you. Your dog's training program is developed by Dr. Sarah Richardson with her team of skilled trainers assisting with your dog's program. Following our initial consultation, the pros work with your dog, at your home, our training center, or around town. After new behaviors are formed, we then coach you on how to maintain and further develop your dog's new skills.

Jumpstart Pro Training: $1350*    Initial consultation (approx. 1.5 hours), 6 training sessions with your dog, 2 coaching sessions with you and your dog (each approximately 1 hour each)*.

*Additional rates may apply for travel to Durham, Paradise, Magalia, Hamilton City, and other areas outside Chico.

Vaccination Requirements:

  • To participate your dog must have completed all his vaccinations and health check protocols.
  • Dogs must have visited their veterinarians to receive
    1. a veterinary health check documenting that your dog is in good health
    2. one-year DHPP
    3. all bordetella vaccinations
    4. all canine influenza virus (CIV) H3N2/H3N8 vaccinations
    5. rabies vaccination
    6. documentation of clear fecal test.
  • These vaccinations and procedures MUST have been administered at a veterinary office or by a licensed veterinarian.