Manners and Skills Classes

For puppy dogs between 5-7 months old at first session

For dogs under 25 pounds who are 5 months and older

For dogs 8 months and up – also suitable for teens 5 months up

For grads of Adult 1 or Teen Dog

For grads of Adult 2

For Teen, Adult, and Pup Grads
(Reliable Recall & Leash Manners)

Group Manners Classes – for pups UNDER 19 weeks old at first class

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Sport and Specialty Classes

Private Training and Consultations

We cannot believe the transformation our dog has undergone in just a few weeks with the help of the staff at CC. We have Archer in Basic Obedience and he has done a couple of days at Playcare and it's been a joy to watch him blossom from a shy rescue pup into a social butterfly who can't get enough love from anyone and everyone! Sarah's program has helped Archer gain so much confidence in himself and we can't wait to see what other doors open for him as he continues to grow and learn. We start Agility Foundations today! Sarah explains how dogs think so well and makes it easy and fun to learn for both humans and dogs. She is so invested in each dog and it really shows. Archer LOVES Canine Connection and so do WE! Thank you CC!! Woof!

--Josie Hall, Archer the Border Collie's guardian