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"Thank you Sarah and your awesome staff for caring for all the dogs just like family!" Yes, you guys are, indeed, AWESOME!!!

--Shirley Wulfert, Rudy the labradoodle's guardian

"Our dog LOVES Canine Connection. We board him here when he cant go with us on trips. They are the best and take great care. Thanks Sarah! You guys are the best!!!"

--Sandra Harasser, Rook the Rhodesian Ridgeback's guardian

Amazing place for every breed, every age, every goal!

--Dyami Klein, Indy the poodle's guardian.

Our German Shepherd pup, Val, goes to Playcare, Boarding, Puppy Socials and Trainings. Canine Connection has really helped our family especially because our pup can get his energy out in a safe play environment while I'm at work. When we pick him up, he's a tired and happy pup. What says it all about how he is treated is that he NEVER looks back when I drop him off. He is SO happy to be there! Puppy Kindergarten classes really help to change owners thinking and realize the messages that we give our dogs. It helped our whole family understand our dog and in turn we have such a better relationship with him.

--Kym Casperson, Val's the German Shepherd's guardian

We cannot believe the transformation our dog has undergone in just a few weeks with the help of the staff at CC. We have Archer in Basic Obedience and he has done a couple of days at Playcare and it's been a joy to watch him blossom from a shy rescue pup into a social butterfly who can't get enough love from anyone and everyone! Sarah's program has helped Archer gain so much confidence in himself and we can't wait to see what other doors open for him as he continues to grow and learn. We start Agility Foundations today! Sarah explains how dogs think so well and makes it easy and fun to learn for both humans and dogs. She is so invested in each dog and it really shows. Archer LOVES Canine Connection and so do WE! Thank you CC!! Woof!

--Josie Hall, Archer the Border Collie's guardian
puppy training

Dog Training

Chico CA Dog Training

We take pride in providing our clients with personalized attention and professional instruction that is based on the most up-to-date knowledge about dog training and behavior.  You and your dog can benefit from:

  • Group dog training classes
  • Private coaching
  • Behavior consultations
  • Educational seminars
  • Dog day care
  • Socialization and social activities

These are typically held at the Canine Connection’s modern, indoor training center. This state-of-the-art facility provides a safe, comfortable, year-round training environment. Read more about our facility here.

Our staff includes the area’s only Certified Pet Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC). Dr. Sarah Richardson is one of the few professionals in the nation to be certified in both areas. She leads a passionate team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you with your dog. All staff have years of experience working with dogs, including training, veterinary care, pet sitting, and grooming. Read more about the Canine Connection team here.

Group Dog Training Classes

Our group classes are small. We typically limit them to eight to ten dogs per class so that you and your dog get the assistance you deserve. We also make training fun so lessons are easy to learn and practice.

In our classes you will learn:

  • How to teach your dog desirable behaviors and prevent bad habits from forming
  • How to deal with common behavior problems
  • How to gain and keep your dog's attention
  • How to teach your dog to practice self restraint
  • How to train your dog to do basic obedience behaviors (sit, down, stay, come, heel, leave it, watch me), and more!
  • How to use recommended equipment properly and safely
  • How to be your dog's best teacher, leader, and friend!

Our Chico CA dog training classes include:

  • Personal attention to you and your dog due to our small class size
  • Selected training equipment, an extensive training manual filled with helpful information, and graduation certificates and photos
  • Personal "fittings" and proper use lessons for other recommended equipment
  • Socialization opportunities - with dogs and people
  • Training in our safe, comfortable indoor center and secure outdoor environment
  • Opportunities to continue your training through continuing ed classes and clinics
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KikiPrivate Training and Consultations

Do you and your dog need a personal canine coach? Private training helps those whose schedules or situations don’t permit participation in our group classes. Behavior consultations provide expert insight into your dog’s behavior and ways to improve it. All private lessons and consultations are conducted by a nationally certified dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and behavior consultant (CDBC).

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