In Remembrance -Friend’s Dogs


July 6, 2005 to July 20, 2006
Loved by Lynn Lem and her family

CallieOh, Clyde. He was so full of life and personality from the day we brought him home. His legs were so wobbly that he could find no traction on our hardwood floor so when he went running his legs would splay out and he’d slide around looking like a frog on his belly. But he was determined to get up and go running again. His whole life was like that…full of determination.

At 3 months old, his eye ruptured and we had to rush him to Sacramento for emergency surgery by an ophthalmologic specialist. He was able to save Clyde’s eye but for over a month he had to wear that big cone on his head. Did that seem to get in his way of fun? NO WAY! Clyde played games with his toys, trying to force them inside the cone.

CallieFor the next 9 months, his eye pressure got worse but he still had a zest for life and gave us so many funny memories. A few months after Clyde’s first birthday, I took him to the vet because it seemed as if his other eye was bothering him. It was then we found out that the first eye that ruptured was doing very poorly and would have to be taken out. Unfortunately, the other eye was now infected and would need to be removed too. The doctor told us Clyde had been in quite a bit of pain most of his life. He was born with a defect where his eyes never produced tears so if they got scratched, they couldn’t heal properly.

Clyde, it makes me so sad to think you had to live like that your entire life. I know you have found happiness and peace where you are now. I just wanted to let you know that I think about you every day and I miss you so very much. I will never forget you. I love you, my little Wydsy Wydsy.

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