Chico CA Overnight Dog Boarding

Your Dog’s Home Away From Home. Your Peace of Mind.

We know dogs. But just as much, we know what it’s like to be a dog parent when you must be away from your canine companion. Our goal, at The Canine Connection, is to make this separation worry-free for both you and your dog  so we’ve created a dog boarding experience like none other. We don’t cut corners and we just won’t compromise when it comes to “Canine Connection Care.”

What is “Canine Connection Care?”

Round-the-clock supervision. Our skilled, attentive staff is on duty 24 hours a day. We don’t rely on remote cameras or nearby residents who may (or may not) check in periodically on your dog. Our staff is present, attentive, and available around the clock, whenever your dog needs us. Check out this photo album of night time at the Canine Connection HERE.


Fun! Many of our clients refer to a stay at The Canine Connection as “Disney for Dogs”. Our center is a private dog resort with a magical spirit where dogs can run, romp or rest in the company of other playful dogs, supervised by a team of humans that is totally devoted to their care. We take only a small number of dog-friendly dogs so each VIP (Very Impressive Pooch) can receive the attention he or she deserves. We want your dog’s stay with us to be fun and interactive. By day, your dog will romp in our state-of-the-art play rooms and outdoor park with carefully selected canine friends and/or enjoy individualized walks in our quiet neighborhood environs. Our long-term guests will often be taken (with your permission, of course) on outings around town (dog ice cream at Shuberts, anyone?).



State of the Art Facility. Our center is one-of-a-kind with:

  • Central heat and air conditioning. All indoor areas are climate-controlled with the most modern, effective central heat and air system to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort.
  • Rubberized flooring. Your dog’s joints can get stressed from romping on hard surfaces, and slipping and sliding while playing is a recipe for injury. So, our indoor playroom and indoor-outdoor gym are both equipped with wall-to-wall rubber flooring.
  • Camera surveillance. To augment supervision and security even further, our center is equipped with a camera surveillance system to monitor all outside and inside areas.
  • Customized sleeping areas. Our center has multiple sleeping “dorms” to accommodate the needs of different dogs. Some dogs rest in individual suites, equipped with raised, fleece beds. Older, calmer dogs can sleep out and about in our home-like environment. Puppies are kept in our quiet, puppy zone so they are ensured maximum rest along with the comfort of other pups.

boarding4 (yes, our experienced staff is here throughout the night!)

Diligent staff training. Our staff is trained in dog group management, safety, and dog first-aid and emergency response.

Attention to every detail. Stuffed kong toys, homemade treats baked in our on-site kitchen, calming music, bedtime stories, evening massages, late night potty outings, and the list goes on. We believe details make the difference and we provide the best for your dog.

Attention to special needs. We accommodate any special meals or medication needs without additional cost. We know it’s particularly stressful to travel when your dog has special needs.  We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for dogs requiring special care.

And just in case…we are just minutes from Valley Oak Veterinary Center, a state-of-the-art, 24-hour center for emergency care.

See our Hotel Seville Chico CA Dog Boarding photo albums here:

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Reservations at The Canine Connection

  1. We want your dog to have an optimum experience at The Canine Connection. Because dogs stay and play in a park-like and home environment, we only accept dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs and are comfortable being cared for by people other than their parents.
  2. Our canine guests must be up-to-date on the following vaccinations: rabies, DHPP, and bordetella. Additionally, your dog must be flea and parasite free. We require documentation, from your veterinarian, that your dog’s vaccinations are current.
  3. All dogs must be evaluated prior to a stay at The Canine Connection. This evaluation involves a play session with other friendly dogs to ensure that your dog will be a happy member of the VIP pack.
  4. We require that dogs have participated in at least one day of daycare prior to overnight boarding (actually we like to call it “playcare” since it is so much fun!). We often find this makes your dog’s visit here more enjoyable and worry-free. For some dogs, we may recommend additional daycare days so that their first overnight stay is more comfortable.
  5. Dogs should be comfortable resting in our small suites. We find that giving dogs a “room of their own” allows them to gain quiet time and space so they can rest when needed. We also have special dog couches, hammocks, and rooms where dogs can lounge throughout the day and night.
  6. We like to keep your dog on his or her regular diet so we ask that dog parents bring their dogs’ own food.

Rates: $60 per night (24 hour period); $20-35 for each additional partial day (depends on drop-off and pick up times); additional fees apply for dogs needing hospice-type care. To schedule a tour and an evaluation, or to make your reservation (existing clients), please contact us at or call (530) 345-1912.

Drop off and pick up by appointment during the following times:

Drop off Hours
7 AM – 3 PM (except Sundays; noon to 3 PM on Sundays)

Early drop-off fee of $15 6 AM to 7 AM; no drop-offs before 6 AM since dogs are resting.

Pick Up Hours,
7 AM – 6 PM (except Sundays; noon to 6 PM on Sundays)

Late pick-up fee of $15 after 6 PM; no pick-ups after 8 PM since dogs are resting.

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