Chico CA Dog Boarding

Welcome to Hotel Seville at the Canine Connection’s South Campus!

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Many of our clients refer to Hotel Seville as “Disney for Dogs”. It’s a private dog resort with a magical spirit where dogs can run, romp or rest in the company of other playful dogs and a team of humans who are totally devoted to their care.

Here, at Hotel Seville, dogs enjoy:

…their own private dog park


…happy play with our “hometeam” of happy hounds (we call them our “play concierges”) and other canine guests


…the comfort of tender loving care and supervision by experienced dog care attendants

…opportunities for rest in our quiet, residential environment


…on-site supervision day and night (yes, our experienced staff is here throughout the night)!


About Hotel Seville

  • Our premium dog boarding experience allows your dog to receive excellent, worry -free care while you are away. We treat your dog as a member of our own beloved canine family.
  • We take only a small number of dog-friendly dogs so each VIP (Very Impressive Pooch) can receive the attention he or she deserves.
  • We go the extra mile to care for dogs with special needs.
  • Our mission is to ensure that your separation from your dog is completely worry-free, for you and your dog.

Reservations at Hotel Seville

  1. We want your dog to have an optimum experience at Hotel Seville. Because dogs stay and play in a park-like and home environment, we currently only accept dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs and have good social skills.
  2. Our canine guests must be up-to-date on the following vaccinations: rabies, DHPP, and bordetella. Additionally, your dog must be flea and parasite free. We require documentation, from your veterinarian, that your dog’s vaccinations are current.
  3. All dogs must be evaluated prior to a stay at Hotel Seville. This evaluation involves a play session with other friendly dogs to ensure that your dog will be a happy member of the VIP pack.
  4. We may require that dogs have participated in at least one day of daycare at our South Campus prior to boarding (actually we like to call it “playcare” since it is so much fun!). We often find this makes your dog’s visit here more enjoyable and worry-free.
  5. Dogs should be comfortable resting in crates. We find that giving dogs a “room of their own” allows them to gain quiet time and space so they can rest when needed throughout the day. We also have special dog couches, hammocks, and rooms where dogs can lounge throughout the day.
  6. We like to keep your dog on his or her regular diet so we ask that dog parents bring their dogs’ own food.

Rates: $60 per night (24 hour period); $15-35 for each additional partial day (depends on drop-off and pick up times); additional fees apply for dogs needing hospice-type care. To schedule an evaluation, or to make your reservation, please contact us at or call (530) 345-1912.

Drop off and pick up by appointment during the following times:

Drop off Hours:
7-9 AM (except Sundays)
noon – 1 PM

Pick Up Hours:
7-9 AM (except Sundays)
noon-1 PM
5-6 PM

See our Hotel Seville Chico CA Dog Boarding photo albums here:

Click HERE for VIP Album 1
Click HERE for VIP Album 2
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